Since Apple locked

down its iPhones three years ago with encryption that even the company itself can’t break, it has been in a cold war with the cops—one that has occasionally turned hot. Exhibit A: its

legal standoff with the FBI

over the seized iPhone of San Bernadino killer Syed Rizwan Farook. Now, 18 months after that showdown, Apple is adding yet more features that are designed to guard your digital privacy from anyone who nabs your iPhone—whether it’s a mugger on the street or the policeman who just threw you in jail.
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Another week, another revelation of a huge breach with possibly far-reaching consequences. Well, two of those this week, really. First, Symantec disclosed that hackers–likely based in Russia, even though the security firm did not go so far as to name names–had hacked more than 20 power companies in North America and Europe , and at a small number of cases, had immediate access to their management systems. And Equifax confessed it had been the goal of a breach that stole 143 million Americans’ data, among the worst data spills {}, and one that raises concerns about information centralization, especially for Social Security Numbers . read more